Office party pants

What if I got slightly tipsy at the office Christmas party, danced with a bit too much enthusiasm and maybe smooched a married colleague?


Letting your hair down at work once a year should be allowed and it should be widely agreed that what happens at a staff party remains at that staff party. This said, you should always try to keep this PG-13 (unless you work at a day-care centre, where the allowed rating should barely hit PG).

Downing a few (too many)? Definitely ok, as long as you don’t insult your boss. Dirty dancing? Moderately ok, but no stripping, please. Dangerously liaising with colleagues? That gets into tricky territory…

As this may – or may not – have happened in your case, it’s time to control the damage done. Who saw you? Will it get leaked? How likely is it to happen again? And did it mean something? These are all questions you have to ask yourself as you pick up your shoes (read: dignity) and make your way back to your office tomorrow.

So think about it carefully, ask a trusted colleague to do a 360°-review on your performance and consider your choices. Can we all be adults, pretend we didn’t see anything and move on? you blackmail those who know and threaten to reveal their sordid downfalls? Or is it time to update your CV and take the next step in your career?