Playing with fire

I am not really sure how to feel about playing with fire. Most importantly, about THE NEED of it. Is it a bad thing? Or a pretty normal and natural thing to feel? Do men feel the same?

I have been at a wedding recently and it was the very first time I was attending solo (i.e.: we could not bring the kids as the travel would have been a living hell for the whole family, so hubby sacrificed himself and decided to stay home with them. He is the best, I know).

Turns out, even though I had a wonderful time with some of my besties (imagine what it means for a working mom of two to have a whole weekend away from the country), and I am glad I could be part of such a lovely wedding where I met many nice people – I also found out that it is super sad to be part of such a joyful day when your other half is not with you.


The feeling of loneliness gets even worse when all around you are only happy couples (well, couples) and nice little kids who remind you of your beloved little monsters, and a bunch of sexy singles that you can’t do anything with cause even if you are alone, you really are NOT alone, sister!

I am sure the only part of the above that you have retained is the “bunch of sexy singles”. Good stuff guys, cause that’s the part I wanted to talk to you about.

I was not the only married mom who was attending solo and – guess what – I was also not the only one who had noticed the BOSS (aka: Bunch Of Sexy Singles). And apparently, we all somehow feel at some point the need of being desirable, the need of feeling flattered because the BOSS are checking you out, even if you perfectly know that’s as far as the interaction with them can go.

Do we really consider this playing with fire?

I am pretty sure this is super common and nothing to feel guilty about. Especially when you are a mom and you have just gone through a massive body change and it feels about right to know that “you still have it”. After all, we can all check out the menu even if we are not necessarily hungry, right? And let’s not be naive: we all do that anyways, not just moms and not just women. Even the most faithful of us (again, we are not talking about cheating here).

However, I reckon we are talking about that precise moment that may actually be just seconds before cheating, so I guess you understand the danger of the whole thing (imagine what could happen if you encounter the BOSS after you’ve gone pretty wild on the gin – see what I mean?). But then again – if it was not dangerous, would we enjoy it that much?

What’s super funny is that I am writing as if playing with fire was the most human and natural thing one can do, acknowledging without the smallest hint of guilt that I am the first to enjoy that. Still, I’m pretty sure I’d stab my husband in his most sensitive body parts if I’d catch him checking someone out…

And you? Have you ever played with fire? Tell us your story and we will publish it on here!

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