Winter on, socks up!

I love wearing chinos and Converse shoes with no – or very short – socks. I really do, that is totally an outfit I could wear all the time. But it has to be in summer, when the sun is out and the sunscreen is on. When it is so cold outside that you decide to wear a fur, I really don’t see why you keep your ankles out. When winter is on, socks have to be up, please!

I seriously don’t get it guys

Especially, since we live in a beautiful era made of super funny and stylish socks. Colorful, embroidered, personalized, with many different patterned fabrics. I even saw on TV that at the latest Paris fashion week a French socks brand hosted a “Sock me I’m Famous” show, entirely dedicated to socks! Fine. They could have picked a better name. But I love the idea and the collection was super cool.

Fashion has to be comfortable

What’s the deal with being dressed like an Eskimo head to waist (including scarf, wool hat and gloves) and Fisherman Sanpei waist to feet?! And do not try to sell me the idea that you are perfectly comfortable with freezing ankles and feet. I do not buy it, when your feet are cold it’s an awful feeling.

My idea of fashion is an outfit that you feel comfortable in. The whole point of being a fashion victim (which I am not) is to be able to wear a combination of clothes that make you feel confident and fearless. That’s what I call fashion, and that is why I care about what I wear.

One last thing tough…

It goes without saying. White socks are to be banned from your closet 4 season a year. No excuses. If after reading this post you feel like trying socks, please go buy any color but white. And please, when winter is on, put your socks up.

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