It’s Karma, bitch!

I have never really doubted about karma. Life has taught me many times already that karma is very real and it’s a bitch. So I usually think twice before hurting someone and I think you should too…

Something happened last week that I need to share because I really can’t get it. I kind of need some help to digest it. I was driving the kids to school and I was waiting to get through a street, wanting to turn left basically. For once, I was very diligently waiting my turn – I even let a couple of cars pass before me. So you know, I was being very kind and nice compared to my car standards. Italian blood – yeah baby – these things almost never happen.

Then a complete ass comes from my left and decides he will just turn in and go. Completely and deliberately ignoring my priority on purpose. Once again, I remained very calm (the kids were in the car and I always try to keep my cool when they are around. You know, the lead-by-example kind of thing, right?). And this complete jerk not only throws himself in the queue, but also throws a middle finger at me.

Yes, just like that, right there in my face, with no apparent reason whatsoever. For all the times I deserved a good middle finger, this was truly not one of those! Is it Lady Karma, who’s been secretly watching me all of this time, and decided to pay me back when I was expecting it the least?! Could be. Or the guy was just a true ass, which is plausible too.

What’s the lesson here?

Well, I think we all knew that karma is a bitch, that’s not new. But I feel like this totally tells a much deeper story. We are so constantly busy keeping up with our lives that we tend to forget who we are. We keep on ignoring that, after all, we are all just humans, who are due to die at some point, some sooner some later (lucky bastards), but inevitably all on the same journey. And – drums – guess what: my success does not necessarily mean you are losing out on something! Still, this is what we do, we throw middle fingers at each other without any reason.

I always say that roundabouts and the way people engage in them are perfect metaphors of life, and the way we don’t give a shit about each other. And clearly this does not just happen at work. It happens in the street, at the supermarket, when queuing to board a plane (oh man, that happens a lot, especially in Italy). We are not grateful for what we have, but we seem to be very clear on what we do not have, and just focus on it.

And this is why I hate social media

Or at least the way we use them. What’s the point in showing off my life, posting pictures of my big car, my beautiful partner, my big diamond ring – we are not helping day dreaming, we are growing hate and negative feelings. And I am not a big fan of using social media to sell stuff either. This space should be used to share experiences, to grow by learning from each other, to nurture hope and kindness…

So this message is for the guy who threw his middle finger at me the other day. I am not God so I will not judge, I can only forgive, but I will definitely not forget. May Karma get back at you in the kindest way possible, and hopefully trigger at least some thinking about all of this.

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