The power of comfort clothes

I never thought I would write a blog post on the power of comfort clothes. 20 year old me would not be proud, but I think that things are very different now from then. With social media pushing us to share every single aspect of our lives (and especially our looks), not revealing too much has become the new coolest thing! And I am super glad, as 34 year old me loves to be comfortable and feel good in her clothes.

I remember wearing crop tops (tank tops) when I was in my twenties and my belly was almost as flat as a board. I insist on the almost because I have never really had a super flat stomach, but growing up I have been doing a lot of sports which made it possible to eat whatever I wanted, and still have a pretty flat stomach. Just to make it clearer: not even close to J-Lo’s belly now that she is in her 50’s, but close enough to Britney’s “Baby one more time”’s.

Basically, I remember wearing crop tops when I could afford it. But the point I am trying to make here is that I don’t think I would like to wear them anymore now, even if I could afford it again. And I can’t.

It’s not just about the belly

The same applies to tight mini skirts and very décolleté tops. It’s almost like I am not in the mood anymore, and this all started when I entered in my thirties and I became a mom.

I have truly started to enjoy comfortable clothes that do not necessarily reveal every little inch of my body. I love loose shirts and jumpers, blouses and fluid trousers that do not squeeze me like a lemon from lunch onward. Silk is great as it embraces my body without hanging too tight on it. And I actually find it very classy and sexy. Not the kind of sexy I thought it was sexy when I was a teenager, but the kind of sexy I find sexy now, which means without revealing too much.

Back to J-Lo now. I really like her as an artist, and I cannot deny she has a fabulous body even now that she just turned 50. But I don’t agree with the need of showing that and over-showing that to the world. I get it, you can be super proud because you are stunning. Even after two kids. You look so damn beautiful in that super tight swim suit, that teens are jealous. But do you really have to show it to us all, every time you get a chance?

Who do you dress for?

I think there is a difference between dressing for yourself as opposed to dressing for others. And between dressing for your age and not your daughter’s. Of course, everyone is free to do whatever they like, fine. However, I am just saying that, maybe, the message we are delivering here is not the right one.

I want my daughter to feel strong and beautiful not because she has a flat stomach. Most importantly, I want her to feel cool even if she does not have a flat stomach. I wish for my daughter that she can be so free in her mind to dress up for herself and herself only, without worrying too much about what others will say. That’s the essence of the power of comfort clothes. I cannot believe there are actual women who are comfortable wearing super tight mini-skirts and 12cm high heels. I don’t buy that, ladies!

But hey-ho. Here is me talking now that I am 34. It might as well be that, the moment I turn 50 (and I am lucky enough to have even just half the beauty of J-Lo’s body) I will also be Instagramming it like a freaking millennial.

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