Dress to impress…yourself

I tend to dress for myself and not to give a damn about what others think. I truly believe it is important to impress yourself before thinking about impressing others. Letting your mood influence your wardrobe instead of fashion magazines.

Except hubby, but only when it’s date night and we are booking a babysitter and a restaurant – which doesn’t happen very often, so it would be a pity to throw all that money away: need to work on a look that he would approve and like, to ensure the night won’t go wasted (if you see what I mean…).

Who do you usually dress for?

I think it’s a good thing to dress for yourself without worrying too much about what others will think. What I personally enjoy the most in that, is the freedom to dress up following your mood. It is proof of the love you carry for yourself. When you dress to impress yourself you immediately gain confidence and self-esteem. You feel much more powerful and it shows on the outside.

I’m sure the girls out there will understand. Sometimes, you just feel like staying in your PJ’s, so given that is not really an option when you have to go to work, you will just do the strict minimum effort and wear jeans and a jumper with a little touch of make up and some stylish shoes and you are done. Enough. But some other days, when you feel more confident and like you want to spend time to prep up, you will choose your clothes more carefully and maybe go for a dress or a skirt with a nice shirt. And full make up on.

Dress to feel good

I’d be interested to know whether this is just a girl thing, or boys have the same?? Everyone should be free to dress to feel good and impress yourself at first. The better you feel in your clothes and looks, the more you can be of help to others, think about that.

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