Love yourself, hate mid-season

So, now that the kids are finally back to school, mommy can take her blog back up. Yay! This is also that time of the year when I usually start to miss my kids, while continuing to nurture a deep hate for mid-season. This year however, I am also trying something new: the “love yourself” routine.

No socks with sandals

Really guys, why do you put sandals on socks? I mean, I am a Birkenstock addict myself, but come on, those were not made to be worn with socks.

It is no secret I’ve always hated mid-season. You never know how to dress, you wake up in the morning and it’s freezing cold, then you end up sweating like a pig in the afternoon. Plus, it gets even worse when you are also in charge of dressing up 2 little humans, who are not yet able to tell you if they are cold or not, and who inevitably get sick after 2 days in.

Anyways. Enough about the awfulness of mid-season and its looks. The revelation here is I have started to love myself.

Born again

Something happened to me this summer and it took me a couple of months to start accepting it. Then, it took me another two months to heal. To be completely honest, this is still a work-in-progress. But for how cheesy this might sound, it is true that this horrible thing gave me the chance to meet new great people and re-start from scratch.

It’s almost as if the universe had decided to give me a second chance. A chance to reboot my life by fixing what was broken. Cause turns out, I realized that a lot of things were actually broken. However, I was just going with the flow, ignoring them.

When I think about it, I had never taken the time before to simply stop for a second and acknowledge myself. You know, just looking at myself in the mirror and asking: “how are you doing today”?

Think about it

Do you ever ask yourself how you are doing? I bet the answer is no. And the reason is this is not what we’ve been taught.

Growing up, we’ve learned to ask others how they feel and with time we have lost the connection with ourselves. I’ve had a burn out, which literally means that my brain and body have burnt out (well not physically, with flames and stuff, but you get it). I wasn’t able to function anymore, one day all of a sudden I switched my laptop on and tears started to fall down. And I just could not stop them.

After three solid hours of crying and feeling crap, I went to see the doctor and he told me: young lady, this is your body telling you “enough, I can’t take this shit anymore!”. You’d better listen to it.

Keeping in touch with yourself is vital. How can you love yourself if you do not even listen to what your body has to tell?

I am glad I was given the chance to learn this before it was too late. I have started to take 10 minutes every day, to just sit down and listen to my body. I ask myself “how are you feeling today?”. And I take note of every single feeling, positive or negative.

The trick here is to NEVER read anything you’ve written. The past is in the past and that’s where you have to leave it. I have to admit that at the beginning I was very skeptical, but the more I do this the better I feel!

That’s not it

I am also starting another very powerful exercise to re-boost my self-esteem and nurture the love for myself. Closing every day with a small celebration of any little win – like cooking an entire meal without Philadelphia cream cheese as the main ingredient for instance. Or being brave enough to tell the supermarket cashier wrong when the change he gives back is not right. My therapist is going to be super proud of me.

Stay tuned to see how this works out for me and for how long I manage to stick to this “new life, new me” commitment. Bets accepted!

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