The importance of trying

Or, how a movie helped me realize the importance of trying.

Here is how I got to decide that I want to have an impact. And even if it turns out that I cannot have an impact (on anyone or anything), I should definitely at least try.

Yesterday, hubby and I watched “The Laundromat” on Netflix. First consideration: big praise and virtual high five for hubby, who offered me Netflix. Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER!

Second consideration: if I really wanted to be super accurate, I would say that yesterday we finished watching “The Laundromat”. We had started three days ago, but on day one hubby fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie. On day two, the kids decided they were not tired and wanted to play, so it took us 15 back and forth from their room before they finally fell asleep at 10pm (and so did we, which means no movie at all).

Important note: one of the back and forth was me running to the toilet after hearing the flush going for the 5th time in a row, only to find my 2 yo spilling water out of the toilet with his gun toy. No wonder you are exhausted and fall asleep in front of a movie after this!

Back to the film

Besides being a masterpiece with an incredible cast, the story is super sad and very real, which makes it even sadder. I am not going to spoiler anything so you can go and watch it for yourself. However, this movie kind of helped me understanding the importance of trying.

We clearly live in a world where the powerful and rich rule over the humble. Where the rich only care about getting richer. At any cost. As the movie illustrates, the humble are always screwed. The whole system is corrupted, given that even the laws are changed to suit the richest and to support the interests of the powerful ones. To help them become even richer and more powerful.

From deception to hope

At first, I felt so disarmed and useless and started wondering why bother, given that everything seems impossible when you are not part of that privileged crowd.

Then I realized that this was probably what that crowd would want me to feel. In order to not to fall in the trap, I had to focus on hope and the thought that things can be different.

If you think about it, hope is the only thing that keeps us strong in a world that seems to constantly drag us down. And that’s when I understood the importance of trying. If I want to keep the head out of the water and survive in a world of sharks, trying is the most important thing to do. In the end, if you want to change something the first thing to do is try, right?

Therefore, I have decided I want to make a difference. I want to have an impact, on someone’s life maybe, or by working on something that can help someone live better. Or at least, I want to try. Because in the end, if you know you have tried and you have done everything in your power to be the best you can possibly be, then you won’t have any regrets and you will definitely feel accomplished. Even if you do not get to the results you had planned or wished. It doesn’t matter. The most important is to try.

This is definitely what I want my kids to learn. Once you understand the importance of trying you become fearless and self-confident, which is the key to a healthy life. But first, I totally need to teach them how not to play with gun toys in the toilet.

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