A tribute to the Phoenixes out there

I want to write a tribute to all the Phoenixes out there. I want to take some time to recognize all the human beings who are struggling with pain, any kind of pain, and surprisingly rising from their ashes. Time and time again.

Life is not fair. This is something I have been knowing for quite some time now. But it keeps surprising me how we always find the strength to get through the darkest times. There is a say about life giving you the challenges and obstacles that you are capable of surpassing. As if the universe knew how strong each of us is, and based on that, it decided to throw bad shit at us. It is not a game and it is not funny, but it is true that human beings are capable of great strength when it comes to handling death, loss and pain.

The power to feel alive again

Like a Phoenix, the legendary bird who regenerates cyclically, we have this incredible power to be born again, to rise from the most difficult moments of our life. It is never easy and it always hurts very much. But we do it. We get down and then we get back up, and we do what needs to be done in order to feel alive again.

I am not quite sure where this strenght comes from. Is it the animal instinct of survival? Maybe. It is fascinating and I feel extremely humbled by the pride and courage that people can show at their most difficult times.

This is my tribute to the Phoenixes out there. Keep on rising. Keep on unlocking your beautiful power. Do not lose the hope that better days can come again. Hang in there through difficult times. Do not forget that if the universe has thrown something difficult at you, it is because the universe believes in you. The universe has hope. Do not lose hope, because you can do it. And you are not alone. There are many amazing Phoenixes like you out there.

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