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My lockdown saga: the survival of the couple

Told you that relationship goals during coronavirus quarantine would be my next subject. To be fair though, I had started thinking about this some time before the whole covid19 situation. I guess every couple with a long history – and especially some challenging times behind – comes to this at some point. So here is […]

My lockdown saga: not today PJ’s!

Today is day 2 of my lockdown saga, which started last Friday. I do not really count the past weekend as forced quarantine, given that usually we are so tired from hustling all week, that we don’t do much on weekends anyways. Better: we do nothing. We stay home, do laundry, watch tv, cook, sleep, […]

The power of being grateful

I have started to write this post a couple of weeks ago, while I was grounded with the flu and feeling like shit. All after having been grounded for two weeks already, because the two kids were sick. Twice, both, and from two different viruses. One after the other. God, I love being a mom! […]

How do we explain covid19 quarantine to our kids?

Today is day one of our forced quarantine and I am far from figuring out how do we explain coronavirus quarantine to our kids? Schools are closed and people are invited by the government to just stay at home. Which would be a great thing for me. I am the couch kind of person who’s […]

A tribute to the Phoenixes out there

I want to write a tribute to all the Phoenixes out there. I want to take some time to recognize all the human beings who are struggling with pain, any kind of pain, and surprisingly rising from their ashes. Time and time again. Life is not fair. This is something I have been knowing for […]

Motherhood is the scariest hood (part one)

Becoming a mom is undeniably a gift. A blessing, that unfortunately many women cannot experience in their lives. However, after two kids each, me and my co-writer have come to the conclusion that – like one of the funniest mama writers out there would say – motherhood is the scariest hood. And because no one […]

The social media detox challenge

I love it when hubby and I throw challenges at each other. Like that time I challenged him not to drink any alcohol during the week. Which is literally every Monday. But we’ll get back to that one day. Today, I’d like to tell you about the social media detox challenge that hubby has recently […]

The importance of trying

Or, how a movie helped me realize the importance of trying. Here is how I got to decide that I want to have an impact. And even if it turns out that I cannot have an impact (on anyone or anything), I should definitely at least try. Yesterday, hubby and I watched “The Laundromat” on […]

Five reasons NOT to be perfect and live perfectly happy

Let’s start by saying that perfection does not exist. Yes, you read that right. Perfection does not exist. What? Wait. That can’t be true! Well, luckily enough for all of us, it is true. Perfection is nothing but another very weird concept invented by human beings to feel like shit and make others feel like […]

A successful marriage in ten moves. True or False?

Here are my ten most important moves for a successful marriage. I have had some fun collecting thoughts and confessions from friends throughout the years and surprisingly, some of the false you will find down here once used to be my biggest truths… Number one: you can’t change your partner, so stop trying. TRUE It […]