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A farewell to gluten

How you can stop eating what you love most in 5 (not easy) steps. Step 1: accept the change The first and most important thing to do in order to stop eating what you love most is to accept change. When change knocks at your door, most of the time it is unwanted and unexpected. […]

Accept who you are: the art of not letting go

I am sick and tired of people telling me to “just let go”. When you accept who you are, acknowledging that we are not all the same, you can perfectly live without letting go. How many times have you had someone say that to you? “Just let go!”. As if it was the easiest thing. […]

Love yourself, hate mid-season

So, now that the kids are finally back to school, mommy can take her blog back up. Yay! This is also that time of the year when I usually start to miss my kids, while continuing to nurture a deep hate for mid-season. This year however, I am also trying something new: the “love yourself” […]

Dress to impress…yourself

I tend to dress for myself and not to give a damn about what others think. I truly believe it is important to impress yourself before thinking about impressing others. Letting your mood influence your wardrobe instead of fashion magazines. Except hubby, but only when it’s date night and we are booking a babysitter and […]

To be or not to be – there?

A friend of mine just lost someone important in their life. I’m not religious, I barely knew the person and I’m allergic to sadness. Do I really have to go to their funeral? #askingforafriend No, you don’t. But not for the 3 lame justifications you wrote. First of all, funerals are not about you (they […]

The power of comfort clothes

I never thought I would write a blog post on the power of comfort clothes. 20 year old me would not be proud, but I think that things are very different now from then. With social media pushing us to share every single aspect of our lives (and especially our looks), not revealing too much […]

The revenge of serial procrastinators

Are you a serial procrastinator? And if so, is it a good or a bad thing? If you ask society (and your parents), the answer will probably be yes. I, on the contrary, have a different theory. Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something, the avoidance of doing a task that […]

Would you choose your partner everyday?

Let’s imagine for a second that you can choose a partner from a menu. Like you do at the restaurant really. Is your choice going to fall on the same dish everyday? Would you choose your partner everyday, again and again, even if you could really pick someone else instead? Everyday pizza My blog’s co-editor […]

It’s Karma, bitch!

I have never really doubted about karma. Life has taught me many times already that karma is very real and it’s a bitch. So I usually think twice before hurting someone and I think you should too… Something happened last week that I need to share because I really can’t get it. I kind of […]

Second chances

It’s easy to say you think second chances are great when you are the one asking for it. But what happens when you are asked for second chances? Some time ago, someone I used to be friend with in the real life sent me a friend request on Facebook. My first thought has obviously been: […]