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Recklessness for a happy couple

Being married with kids takes a lot of work and it certainly means you must move away from recklessness. Which, in my experience, is something you do quite naturally and without much of an effort. However, it might not be the case for everyone. What if your other half misses that feeling of freedom that […]

Winter on, socks up!

I love wearing chinos and Converse shoes with no – or very short – socks. I really do, that is totally an outfit I could wear all the time. But it has to be in summer, when the sun is out and the sunscreen is on. When it is so cold outside that you decide […]

Playing with fire

I am not really sure how to feel about playing with fire. Most importantly, about THE NEED of it. Is it a bad thing? Or a pretty normal and natural thing to feel? Do men feel the same? I have been at a wedding recently and it was the very first time I was attending […]

An ex to grind

What do yo wear to your ex’s wedding? #askingforafriend If you ask a stylist, they’ll probably go to town with body shape, hair colour, skin complexion, season, setting, theme… but – oh, not me! And not just because I’m not a stylist, but because there are only 3 possible scenarios when it comes to most […]

Office party pants

What if I got slightly tipsy at the office Christmas party, danced with a bit too much enthusiasm and maybe smooched a married colleague? #askingforafriend Letting your hair down at work once a year should be allowed and it should be widely agreed that what happens at a staff party remains at that staff party. […]

Embracing failure

Today’s wake-up call is about embracing failure. In a world where everyone is running up to success (which nowadays seems to be measured in money, power and Instagram likes), people are starting to appreciate failure. It looks like making mistakes and accepting failure is becoming cool. And I truly believe this kind of acceptance is […]

Style me – or not

Can someone please explain me why you can never possibly leave the hairdresser looking exactly how you wanted to? No matter how hard you try and no matter how well you come prepared to the appointment (including pictures of the hair cut you want and a detailed power point presentation about the type of waves […]

Finding balance

Or – how you thought you had everything perfectly under control, but instead, you do not even know where your balance is and how you can find balance for a better life. I have never really understood why people are so insensitive at work. It’s as if every morning, as soon as we walk into […]

Epiphanies and resolutions

The beauty of having epiphanies is all in the making resolutions afterwards. But it is never easy, because most of the time, resolutions translate into change and God knows how much human beings do not like change! Epiphanies are funny, because they hit you all of a sudden and when you least expect them. It’s […]

Compromising underwear

Let’s start by saying that I am Italian. So it is not my fault if I am pretty much always cold. When I am not cold, I am afraid of getting cold, because like mommy used to say: “you’d better wear it otherwise your tummy is exposed and you’ll catch a cold”. So I admit […]